Yukon Fall Solitaire

Fall brings many color combinations of leaves on all shapes and sizes of deciduous trees. Like the vibrantly colored leaf combinations, Fall Yukon Solitaire is a unique combination solitaire game. You will enjoy watching the leaves fall as you play Fall Yukon Solitaire over and over again!

Like the game of Klondike Solitaire, stack the cards in the tableau by alternating colors in descending order (King down to Ace). The goal is to stack all the cards (Ace to King) into the four foundation slots based on their suit affiliation. This solitaire game is unique from other solitaire games in that you can move any visible card in the tableau. Only Kings may be moved into open slots. Beat Fall Yukon Solitaire when you fill the foundations with all the cards from the deck.

Bring more variety to any cool autumn day with a fun variation on Klondike Solitaire, Fall Yukon Solitaire!

Yukon Solitaire Fun

  • Create stacks of cards in the tableau by alternating colors and working in descending order.
  • All face up cards in the tableau may be moved at any time, regardles of what is placed below it.
  • Guided by suit, from Ace to King place cards in the foundations to ultimately win.
  • Hint: Flip over the face down cards as quickly as possible to work with the full deck of cards and just sort your way to victory!


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