Fall 3 Card Klondike Solitaire

Fall brings a wide array of beautiful colors, as well as the wide array of ways to beat Fall Klondike Solitaire! This puzzle game is for solitaire lovers who enjoy finding new ways to beat a complex solitaire game. The rotating order of cards within the three-card pile makes this strategy game extra hard to beat. Play Fall Klondike Solitaire and fall into a new way to win!

For example, one way to win is to turn over the tableau cards as quickly as possible to create more playing options. Place the tableau cards in descending order (King to Ace), and alternating color red on black (and vice versa). Fit these cards into the four foundations, sorting them by suit. Start with an Ace and work upwards until you get all four Kings placed. When you complete this, you win!

Challenge yourself to win Fall Klondike Solitaire before the last fall leaf falls!

Klondike Solitaire Tips

  • The card order in the three-card waste deck changes after each play.
  • In the tableau, stack cards by alternating color.
  • Make sure the tableau cards are in descending order.
  • Fill the foundations with the waste deck and tableau cards.


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