Fall Freecell Solitaire

Fall free this fall with Fall Freecell Solitaire. You can feel good about this puzzle game no matter what because you can win virtually all Fall Free Cell Solitaire games. The goal is to fill the four foundation slots with all 52 cards of the deck.

How do you play? Stack cards on the tableau in alternating colors and descending order. The object of this solitaire game is to make sure the tableau cards are put in the foundations slots on the right, just like klondike, in order of suit from Ace to King. Unlike other solitaire games, there are free cells in the upper left that act as maneuvering space. You may only move as many cards in a stack around at a time, as there are open free cells in the upper left.

Like the autumn leaves, let your worries fall freely away as you play Fall Freecell Solitaire!

Freecell Fall Solitaire Strategy

  • Put tableau cards in descending order.
  • The free cells can be used to strategically hold cards.
  • The goal is to place all cards into the foundation slots in ascending order (Ace to King).


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