Fall Scorpion Solitaire

Come fall, the scorpions may have disappeared for the season, but Fall Scorpion Solitaire is here to stay! This puzzle game is a sure-fire way to warm your spirits on any crisp autumn evening. Challenge yourself day or night with this solitaire game.

In Fall Scorpion Solitaire, you may move and use any card stack in the tableau, regardless of what is stacked below it. That is what makes this puzzle game unique! The goal of this game is based in Spider Solitaire. Create correct stacks that contain cards from King to Ace in the same suit to remove that particular stack from the game board. Remove all the stacks, and you win.

This card game is a more difficult version of Wasp Solitaire, as you may only stack Kings onto empty slots. Try and open up the board as soon as possible by flipping over the face down cards on the left. If you are stuck, click the stock button in the upper right... but beware, it only adds three cards to the farthest right stacks!

Fall Scorpion Solitaire Tips

  • Stack cards in descending order in the tableau, regardless of how they are stacked. No card is inactive.
  • Open up the game board as quickly as possible, by flipping face down cards over.
  • Eliminate all correct stacks of cards to win, just like in spider solitaire.
  • Only Kings can be placed on open slots!


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